Text Histograms API.

Bash One-Liner.

Type a list of comma-separated numbers to generate a histogram: http://quickhist.onloop.net/25,50,75,100,75,50,25
Wanna insert labels? Separate the numbers and labels with an equals (=) sign: http://quickhist.onloop.net/The Dude=100,Walter=133,Donny=138
Need a title? Type it out after the histogram data like so: http://quickhist.onloop.net/The Dude=100,Walter=133,Donny=138/Bowling Scores

Try it: http://quickhist.onloop.net/

(Certain Special Characters like %, ? and # don't work. Negative numbers are made absolute.)

To get a plain, HTML-less histogram in your terminal, use curl and pipe the output to sed '1,2d;$d'

curl http://quickhist.onloop.net/The%20Dude=100,Walter=133,Donny=138 | sed '1,2d;$d' (Here's an example with filesystem sizes.)

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